Phoenix Society Upstander Awards 2020/21

Updated Deadline: April 15, 2021

The Phoenix Multi-Faith Society for Harmony is a respected group of volunteers from Edmonton’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Our goal is to make Edmonton a better place for all by promoting understanding, love and respect amongst our communities and we believe that Edmonton’s youth can help tell these stories by nominating “upstanders”.

An “upstander” is someone who reaches out to someone or a group in need and helps them. In partnership with the Edmonton Public School Board, the Edmonton Phoenix Multi-Faith Society for Harmony is starting a new initiative to recognize and reward junior high and high school students who have countered hatred, racism and prejudice.


We are calling our initiative the Phoenix Society Upstander Awards and we are inviting junior high and high school students to nominate fellow students who are upstanders. The winning entrants (the upstander and their nominator) will each receive an ipad pro!

Elvis Iginla donating $5000 to the Phoenix Society in support of the Upstanders Initiative.


Thank you for such a generous gift!